The Importance of Skillfully Constructed Shoes In Your Life

Why How A Shoe Is Made Makes All The Difference In The World

As the saying goes, shoes make the man or women. Ask anyone with style and class and they’ll all likely tell you that one of the first things they notice when meeting someone is the shoes they are wearing. Looks matter.

 Shoes are more than just something we put on our feet. They’re also more than just a fashion statement or even an everyday necessity. Of course, they convey our fashion preferences, our own personal sense style and our attention to form and function. However, whether you’re wearing shoes that are classic or trendy, formal or casual, well-polished or scuffed, practical or impractical and even the color of shoes you choose to wear, all say something about your character and attitude, about you as a person.

All things being equal we would all like well-designed and well-made shoes but these days true quality is hard to find. Yes, there are certainly a myriad of options to choose from, more than there were in decades past. These days, both men and women are inundated with fashion choices, especially when it comes to accessories, including the one that is always necessary shoes. However, just because there are more footwear options from brands and stores around the world, it doesn’t mean that they’re all excellent options, or even good ones. We all know that quantity doesn’t mean quality. Gone are the days when quality and craftsmanship were a given.

A craftsman handcrafting a shoe

Here's An Important Fact: Well Constructed Shoes Are Made To Last Decades, Cheap Ones Last Months!

Only a few years back luxury shoes, especially men’s, meant authentic leather for the shoe upper, as well as the out-sole. It meant handmade construction with attention to fit and every design detail. Even if shoes weren’t necessarily bespoke and made with a custom shoe last, you could be sure that they were well crafted using time honored skills with natural materials like leather and so made to last decades.

For the most part, the design and appearance of men’s shoes, especially those meant for more professional or formal occasions, remain unchanged. You have a number of styles that stand the test of time and remain fashionable, regardless of the era and ever-changing modern trends. A man can’t go wrong when he slips his feet into a pair of classic Oxford, derby, monk strap or loafer shoes, just to name a few trusted styles. Of course, these styles can vary in terms of embellishments, colors, and materials but their overall aesthetic and construction are the same. They’re certainly very appealing and once you wear a pair its hard to go back to cheap construction and material made shoes. In fact, every gentleman and gentlewomen should have an a few quality pairs both for style options and so that their shoes can dry out between wearings (hopefully in a pair of shoe trees) thus insuring even greater longevity of the shoes.

All men and women deserve and should be able to purchase a couple of pairs of quality luxury footwear. However, today, while there are still handmade luxury shoes that stay true to quality craftsmanship, they most certainly come with the luxury price point that isn’t accessible to many. Although no cost is spared when it comes to the materials used and the time it takes to handcraft the shoes, and while the shoes are constructed to last you for years to come, it also means that they have a very high price point. Even if you could afford shoes that cost no less than the upper three-digit figures, you may not necessarily want to shell out that much for a pair of shoes. The good news is that you no longer have to to get the quality shoes you deserve.

In this day and age, luxury shoes are notoriously expensive. This leaves most to automatically settle for mass produced, low quality alternatives. However, this no longer has to be the case. Forget settling for leather-like shoes that aren’t actually made from real leather and will leave you with painful, or worse, blistered feet. You can also forget about worrying whether the soles of your shoes will come apart after little use because they’re actually glued together instead of being carefully stitched. Another thing you can forget about? Ruining a perfectly stylish outfit by wearing low quality, cheap looking shoes.

This Is Why Second Step Shoes Was Created-To Help Outfit You With World-Class Shoes, At Affordable Prices, While Furthering Circular Fashion In Our Society

At Second Step Shoes we breathe new life into world class luxury shoes through our meticulous and proprietary Elima-Clean process. We thoroughly clean, disinfect, and restore shoes that were meant to last decades but, in some cases, were only worn a few times, or not at all. The truth is, most men and women who splurge hundreds or thousands of dollars on shoes only actually wear their shoes a handful of times. The average man owns 12 pairs of shoes, while most women own 27 pairs of shoes and more than 85% of women have purchased a pair of shoes that are still sitting in their closets and have never been worn! And that is the average person. The well heeled man or women with sufficient money and style has many more pairs. As a result there are many world class shoes out there with years or decades of life left in them. Circular fashion is anything designed to be used and circulated responsibly and effectively in society for as long as possible in its most valuable form. With a well constructed shoes, even one that is not "nearly" new, one that has been well worn may have decades left in its life as quality shoes are made to be cleaned, resoled and re-heeled and restored to peak condition which cannot be done with shoes that are glued together. We give you the access to the best of these restored pre-loved shoes, allowing you to give them a new home in your wardrobe and in the process making you look like a million bucks, minus the price tag!

Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars for brand new luxury shoes or settling for low-quality shoes that you won’t be able to use for long, and will look as cheap as they are, you’re much better off opting for a incredibly restored pair of world-class pre-loved luxury shoes.

World-class shoes are recognizable by their meticulous design, attention to fit and comfort, handmade construction, and fine quality materials. Second Step Shoes finds them, cleans them, sanitizes them, restores them and then brings them back to their former glory so that they can make you look like a million bucks. For a fraction of the cost. We won't tell.


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Author Maxim Tourou / Category Architecture / Published: Apr-05-2018

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