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What Makes Second Step Shoes Different?

At Second Step Shoes, we’re not just selling footwear; we’re offering a new life to meticulously crafted, pre-loved luxury shoes. Our mission is rooted in sustainability, exceptional design, and outstanding craftsmanship. Our process begins with sourcing high-quality, gently used shoes, predominantly from Italy, England, and the United States—countries with a rich history of shoemaking. We then undertake a rigorous process to clean, disinfect, and restore them, using our specialized “Elima-Clean” system.

How Safe Are Preloved Shoes? Can’t I Just Buy a Pair From Any Source Without Worry?

While it may be tempting to wear pre-loved shoes acquired from any source, it’s crucial to consider the potential presence of many harmful agents, including bacteria. A study led by Dr. Charles Gerba, a microbiologist and professor at the University of Arizona, in partnership with Reebok, found that an average of 421,000 units of bacteria appeared on the outside and 2,887 units on the inside of new shoes after just two weeks of wear. This included harmful bacteria like Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumonia. In later tests lasting three months the number of Bacteria units went as high as 8,000,000! Our Elima-Clean system uses multiple, redundant disinfecting processes, each designed to kill 99% of all bacteria and germs. This gives you peace of mind by ensuring the shoes are rid of dirt, deposits, fungus, bacteria, mold, mildew, and other microorganisms. The safety of our cleaning and restoration process means you can wear our luxury shoes with complete peace of mind.

Where are your shoes made?

The majority of our shoes were made in the world's most renowned craftsmanship hubs with deep roots and history in shoemaking like Italy, England, and the United States. However, our collection doesn’t stop there. We also feature exceptional pieces from Brazil, Spain, and other countries known for their shoemaking artistry. Our collection is like a world tour of masterful craftsmanship. Many of our shoes undergo our complete “Elima-Clean” system, while those in excellent condition may only go through select treatments to preserve their pristine condition.

How do you do to Restore Your Shoes?

After our Elima-Clean system has worked its magic, ensuring your future pair of shoes is as clean and sanitized as possible, the real transformation begins. Each pair is then expertly restored by our skilled artisans. They strip away old polish and wax, essentially resetting the shoes to a clean canvas. It's as if they're ready for a new lease on life, and that new life could be with you. The shoes then receive a luxurious leather conditioner treatment. This isn't a quick process; the conditioner is left on for at least a full day, allowing it to deeply nourish the leather. It's akin to a deep conditioning treatment for hair but designed for premium leather. Once the conditioner has fully dried, the shoes are polished using our commercial horsehair machine. This unique step seals in the conditioner that has been absorbed into the leather, enhancing the shoes' natural texture. As they near the end of their restoration journey, each pair undergoes a meticulous hand-polishing session. We use shoe polish that perfectly matches the color of the shoes, ensuring a seamless and natural look. This final touch elevates each pair from merely restored to absolutely radiant. Finally, the shoes are ready for their online debut. They're expertly photographed from multiple angles and listed on our website, just a click away from becoming yours. When you choose a pair from Second Step Shoes, you're not just making a purchase; you're making a commitment to sustainability and quality. You're joining a community that values exceptional craftsmanship and responsible luxury. So, are you ready to meet the pair that's undergone this meticulous journey just for you? Welcome to the online world of Second Step Shoes, where every pair tells a story of transformation and new beginnings.

Are Your Shoes Brand New? Are You Authorized Dealers For The Brands You Sell?

No, all our shoes are pre-loved, which means they have a story. They were bought and paid for by the original owners before coming into our hands. A lot of people have shoes in their closet that for one reason or another they never wore. Perhaps they decided they didn’t like the color. Perhaps they didn’t fit right, we will never know, but our job is clean, disinfect and restore them for their next owner. Some may be unworn, and others we restore to their former glory using our painstaking restoration processes. Without charging a lot more money we cannot guarantee authenticity. However, most of the shoes we sell are not the type that are typically bootlegged. Additionally, we deal with hundreds and hundreds of shoes and we know how they feel, what they weigh, and how they are made. Fake shoes in the men’s dress category are hard to make and easy to spot. But all our shoes are returnable so if you are unhappy for any reason, you’re welcome to send them back.


1. At our core, we’re dedicated to providing you with shoes that fit like a glove. Our approach goes beyond the norm to guarantee the ideal fit for your unique feet. 2. How do you achieve such precise sizing? We take a meticulous approach to measurements. Using state-of-the-art digital calipers, we measure the length and width of each shoe from Leather to Leather – capturing the true dimensions that matter most. 3. What about internal measurements? We understand that comfort comes from every angle. That’s why we also measure the internal length of the shoe using a specialized device. This gives you the peace of mind that your chosen pair will feel just right. 4. Why is fit such a priority for you? We know that wearing shoes that fit well transforms your experience. It’s not just about comfort – it’s about confidence and style. Our mission is to provide you with shoes that match your individuality flawlessly. 5. Can I trust your sizing process? Absolutely. Our sizing process is backed by expertise and precision. We’ve invested in advanced tools and methods to ensure accurate measurements. You can have full confidence in the sizing information we provide.

Is Buying On-Line From You Safe?

Our site runs on Shopify. Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms around, with over 4.3 million live sites. Shopify has generated over $700 billion in sales since its inception and has a total revenue of $3.20 billion. It has over 2.1 million daily active users and is widely known for its robust security measures, making the shopping experience safe for both us and our customers.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We empower you to choose the payment method that’s best for you. Accepting a wide range of options from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, to digital wallets like PayPal and Apple Pay, the choice is entirely yours.

Easy Returns with Second Step Shoes: A Step-by-Step Guide

We're committed to helping you find your perfect pair of shoes. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, we've made the return process simple and straightforward. For all purchases, please follow these steps for a successful return: Initial Contact: Reach Out to Us First Before taking any steps to return your shoes, your first action should be to contact our Customer Service team. This initial communication is crucial for us to understand your concerns and to provide you with a Return Authorization Number, which is necessary for processing your return. However, please note that refunds cannot be given on Final Sale items. Step 1: Obtain a Return Authorization Number Once you've reached out to us, we'll provide you with a Return Authorization Number. This number helps us efficiently process your return and ensures quicker refund processing. Step 2: Securely Package Your Shoes After obtaining your Return Authorization Number, please use the original box to return your shoes. This ensures secure packaging and aligns with our commitment to sustainability. Step 3: Choose a Secure Shipping Method We recommend using a trackable and insured shipping method for your return. As you are responsible for the shoes until we safely receive them, insuring the package for the full value of the shoes is strongly recommended. Please note that the cost of return shipping is the responsibility of the customer. Step 4: Inspection and Refund Approval Upon receipt of your return, our team will conduct a thorough inspection to ensure the shoes are in the same condition as when they were shipped out. Once approved, your refund will be processed promptly. Please note that refunds will not be issued until we have received and inspected the shoes, ensuring they meet our quality standards. Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to assisting you in finding your perfect pair.

How Can You Reach Us?

No offshoring, no runaround; just straight, honest customer service. We're committed to providing you with exceptional customer care. While we offer multiple ways to get in touch, we prefer email as it allows us to provide you with detailed responses at any time. Here are your options: Email: We're available via email 24/7 for your convenience. This is our preferred method of communication for the most efficient and detailed service. Phone: You can also reach us at 571-245-3176. However, please note that we are often in our workshop working on shoes or out acquiring new pairs, so we may not be at our store computer to answer specific questions about certain shoes over the phone.